About Us


FRSI Corp.
Our goal is to contribute to “Increase of Sustainable and Safe Food Resources and Protection of Marine Environment”

In preparation for the advent of the world population of 10 billion in 2050, FRSI Corp. was established to contribute to the achievement of the 30% production target by 2030 by improving the environment of the marine and aquaculture industry that currently produces 10% of the world's food resources. And in order to secure a safe and reliable marine food resource and protect our natural and clean ocean, we have started the eco-friendly antifouling coating development project from 2015.

The existing antifouling paint are developed by both using polymer synthetic resins made of petrochemical materials as a binder and applying copper compounds or other toxic substances as antifouling components, mainly for ships. Due to indiscriminately killing marine life and destruction of marine ecosystem, environmental regulations such as banning the use of these antifouling paints are being tightened. For these reasons, it cannot be applied to the marine aquaculture industry for the purpose of producing safe food resources for humanity.

Recently, the demand for the development of eco-friendly antifouling products is increasing in the marine industry including the ship and aquaculture industry. Accordingly, FRSI Corp. developed the multipurpose eco-friendly antifouling product with our own patented technology. Our MariCare brand AF paints are optimized for the marine and user’s environment. MariCare brand AF paints are made of both bio epoxy resin as a binder which is processed from 100% vegetable oils and natural antifouling products as a biocide which is delivered from natural materials such as bacterial and herbs. We have proved the nontoxicity of our AF paints by conducting toxicity tests on fish, shrimp, and diatom and the excellent antimicrobial and antifouling performance by antimicrobial tests for E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio and antifouling performance test for barnacle.

We get the certificate of Korea Eco-Label for the first time in Korea and Korea register for shipping(MA/TA).

We aim to become a sustainable company leading the future that can contribute to the protection and fostering of the marine industry while minimizing damage to the marine ecosystem based on both the understanding of various marine ecosystem and the entire industrial ecosystem, and the organic combination of marine medical life science and biochemistry.

Core Technology

Based on organic combination of marine medical life science and biochemical industry

Eco-friendly binder developing technology (Drug delivery system)

  • Completely excluding the use of petrochemical synthetic resins causing the environmental hazard controversy as Environmental hormones, Micro plastics, VOC, Heavy metals, we adopt bio epoxy resin from vegetable oils as a binder.
  • Our bio epoxy resin is Heavy metal-zero, Environmental hormones-zero, VOC-zero, 100% Bio carbon contents and Biodegradable material.
  • As a light, eco-friendly material, it can be applied to various industrial fields as coatings, paints and adhesives.

Ecofriendly biocide developing technology (Drug discovery system)

  • R&D of eco-friendly antifouling ingredients extracted from natural materials such as plants and bacteria etc.
  • Verification of antifouling performance and safety of marine ecosystems for specific organisms based on the standard criteria of antifouling performance and paint quality and marine ecosystem hazard.
  • With organic combination of only natural antifouling ingredients having the therapeutic ratio more than 15, achieve a broad spectrum to marine biofoulants and an economic efficiency.
  • R&D of new natural antifouling ingredients and new bio materials from marine origin

Developing technology of eco-friendly antifouling paint

  • Development of eco-friendly antifouling paints with an excellent antifouling effect and safety through organic combination with bio epoxy resins and eco-friendly antifouling biocides
  • Adapting the UV curing system without thinner and solvent, it contributes to the improvement of the user’s work environment and productivity. it has fast curing performance.
  • Secure diversity of applied industries by improving adhesion ability and durability to various materials as metal, plastics, glass, etc.

Developing technology of disease prevention and treatment for fish and shellfish

  • Development of micro capsule platform technology with excellent disease prevention and treatment for various fish and shellfish
  • Bio-epoxy resin to deliver microcapsules is applied as a binder

Development of applied technology in various industrial fields

  • Nano encapsulation technology/ Plasma coating technology