MariCare Eco-friendly Antifouling Paint

- Product name : A/F Aqua(A) epoxy 2000 VOC-0.1g/L
Multipurpose transparent one-pack epoxy antifouling paint with UV curing system
- Usage : Concrete and PE tanks of Inland aquaculture farms / seawater farming nets / Ship’s hull / offshore substructures/ buoys and any other equipment used in the ocean

Product size4L / 18L / 200L

MariCare Eco-friendly Equipment and Materials for Aquaculture farming

Aquaculture farming equipment and materials applied with MariCare eco-friendly antifouling coatings,
A/F Aqua(A) epoxy 2000 series
- Product name : MariCare abalone fishing nets with eco-friendly antifouling paint - Usage : Fish and shellfish farms on offshore - Kinds : Nets for juvenile and adult fish and shellfish