Technology Status

Technology Status

Marine medical life science engineering technology

In order to contribute to the increase of food resources and protect the diversity of marine species, we are studying the overall reproduction, growth, metabolism, and genome analysis of marine organisms and developing eco-friendly antifouling ingredients and pharmaceutical materials based on marine derived new materials and novel disease treatment and control technology of fish & shellfish in the field of marine medical life science

  • The proprietary technology based on marine organisms

    Management and utilization technology of Marine life resources

    Analysis and Identification technology of marine life phenomena and physiological functions of marine organisms

    Genome analysis and build-up of Bata base of marine organisms

  • Technology of developing marine food and resources

    Disease monitoring and control technology

    Advanced aquaculture technology and mass production technology

    Verification technology of bio-safety

  • Technology of developing novel marine materials

    Development technology of new industrial materials

    Development technology of new pharmaceutical materials

  • Technology of marine ecological environment preservation

    Environmental pollution control and purification technology

Practical technology development for aquaculture industry

  • The proprietary technology based on marine organisms
  • The control technology of fishery disease

Biochemistry technology

As key factor of drug delivery system for preventing attachment of marine organisms and improving pharmacological efficacy of medicine, we are developing Bio-epoxy resins (Binder) with excellent physical functions such as eco-friendliness and chemical resistance and biodegradability and bio polymers based on bio epoxy resins and researching for the development of various application technologies for industrialization such as eco-friendly resins and curing systems based on natural materials.

  • Bio-polymer development technology

    Bio resin development

    Bio polymer development

  • Eco-friendly curing system development technology(hardeners)

    Development of UV curing system

    Development of special curing system

  • Micro coating (capsulizing) technology

    Drug discovery and application optimized for disease types(Core)

    Developing eco-friendly microcapsule(shell) polymers and capsule platform technology

  • Technology for Improving adhesion to various substrates

    Development of UV curing system

    Plasma processing technology

  • Bio polymer development technology

    Development technology for adhesives and coatings