Research Field

R&D for marine derived new materials
  • Drug Discovery system

    R&D of pharmaceutical materials and natural antifouling ingredients as Natural Product Antifoulants for disease treatment of aquatic organisms, Bio essay of pharmacological effect analysis, and marine safety analysis
  • Drug Delivery system

    R&D of eco-friendly binders with long-term drug delivery effectiveness and durability in the ocean
  • Development of bio polymer and bio plastic materials

Eco-friendly curing system development
  • R&D of UV curing system

    R&D of various eco-friendly curing agents(hardeners) such as room temperature curing system

R&D of eco-friendly antifouling
  • R&D of multipurpose eco-friendly antifouling coatings applicable to ships, offshore structures and aquaculture industry

    R&D of eco-friendly diluents

R&D of eco-friendly aquaculture
  • R&D of various aquaculture equipment applied with eco-friendly antifouling coatings

    R&D of eco-friendly aquaculture equipment based on bio polymers

R&D of material applicability and compatibility
  • R&D of antifouling paint system with paint compatibility of Primer, Tie coat and Top coat as AF paint.

    R&D of material compatibility such as concrete, metal and plastic materials

    R&D of application technology on various industrial fields